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We are looking to partner with investor friendly Realtors who are proactive in researching and finding good Real Estate Deals.

We love to buy ugly/outdated houses that need a lot of work as well as apartments, commercial properties and land that represent a good deal.

We will let any Realtor make the entire commission on any deals that they have listed, plus we will pay them 10% of our net profit when we sell the property.

If the Realtor doesn’t have the listing, but uploads the house, apartments or a track of land that they think is a good deal, then we will pay that Realtor either a 2% commission on the front end or give them 10% of our net profit on the backend.

We love Realtors & know that You are always driving around looking at properties, but don’t always have the opportunity to get the listing or the property under contract.

Just upload the information below, and we will send you our Realtor/Bird Dog Partnership Agreement when you submit the property, so you don’t have to worry about us going around you.

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