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Angel Investors, LLC wants to help you succeed in your real estate business by offering you some of the best resources available. We are constantly learning every day, and are consistently looking for the best marketing and technology to help our business grow. Technology is changing rapidly to help us be more efficient to make more money, and it’s important to stay on top of these changes to be a successful real estate investor in today’s market.

Technology is changing rapidly to help us be more efficient to make more money, and it’s important to stay on top of these changes to be a successful real estate investor in today’s market. I’ve learned a long time ago that success leaves clues, and the quickest ways to success are modeling and not trial and error. Our goal is to consistently offer some of the Best Proven ways to help YOU Succeed, so that we become Your #1 Real Estate Partner that helps you net more money and grow your business.

Whether you’re a Wholesaler, Rehabber, Realtor, Landlord or Private Money Lender we are hoping that there’s something on this website that can help you in Your business. We’ve spent over 1000 hours of research looking for the perfect system for Real Estate Investors, and have learned a lot by evaluating the best systems in the business. Most of the best trainers and guru’s offer a lot of free ways to help you grow your business, but are typically trying to sell you something on the back end.

It’s up to you to decide what is best for you and your business.

FREE Real Estate Investor Resource

  • Free training and resources.  He also has some great training that cost money, but you can start with his free stuff and see if you want more.
  • Free resource for some of the best forms & free guides for wholesaling, rehabbing or landlording.
  • Free Investor Software
  • Free app great for driving for dollars, because you can learn everything about a property while you’re driving around.
  •  Get on custom searches that email you daily all of the REO’s, Estates and fixer distressed homes to rehab.
  • Free to advertise your deals and you can find some every now and then
  • Pull up sold comps
  • Zillow has data on 110 million homes across the United States

Best Networking Investor Groups

Free Training Courses

Contact Management Systems for Investors

  • iflip Offers lots of functions, but has some issues
  • I’ve heard if you take the time to customize it then it’s a great option.  
  • This is the contact manager I use because it offers everything at a lower price than most.  Danny Johnson with 
  • I used this investor CRM, but it was too slow.  This is the main reason I quit, but I still had to go out of the CRM to verify comps.  Price runs around $99 for 1 user and $199 for 3 users.
  • MyReipro This is a great contact manager to pull up properties, and get basic information.  It’s also easy to do mailouts and keep your marketing going., but I still have to use my other authority sites like mls, Real Acquisitions, HCAD or other taxing authorities

Inexpensive Sources of Marketing

  • Driving for dollars
  • Knocking on doors of highly motivated sellers & fixer uppers
  • Networking & marketing to other investors
  • Researching authority and legit auction sites such as:
    b. Freddie Mac REO’s
    c. Fannie Mae REO’s
    d. Real Estate Auctioneer
    e. One of the Best auction sites where you can see highest bid in real time.  
    f.  Largest real estate auction site in US that mainly services all the big banks 

Best Resources to find Deals:

  • Helps you verify back taxes owed on a property in Harris County
  • Helps you research property owners, chain of title, recorded liens & judgments and mls comps.  You can also pull up list of estates, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, tax suits & judgments, bankruptcies and alot more data to help you find good deals.
  • MLS if you are a Realtor or Broker with HAR  This is one of the best resources for comps, because HAR is the authority site appraisers use. 

Best Options for finding Homeowners

  • Is one of the few people finder paid websites
  • Can help find relatives and owner information.
  • It’s amazing what information you can find on google, so start out by typing variations of what you’re looking for.

Coolest Apps that help Real Estate Investors

Legitimate Guru’s who Offer great training systems

Best Options to Buy targeted mailing list:

Tax lien, Preforeclosures, Probates, Bankruptcy & fire damage property, vacant property, health code violations and out of state owners list

Flood Maps are Important

Apartment Training

Rental Properties / Seller Financing

  • ZimpleMoney   is one of the easiest ways to fully automate the collection of monthly payments for a seller financed real estate transaction. Whether you’re in the practice of selling or buying properties with the use of owner financing, this “zimple” little tool is pretty remarkable, and it can change the way your business works. If you need some quick tips on how to get started using it.
  • PropertyREI is quite simply the best rental property calculator I’ve ever used. I used to spend hours fumbling around with different spreadsheets and formulas, trying to determine if certain rental properties were a good investment, but when I discovered this calculator – I couldn’t believe how simple it was to plug-in a few numbers and get instant confirmation on whether I was looking at a good deal or not.
  • HomeClick is an awesome website I discovered back when I first started buying rental properties and I’ve been using it to buy almost every new plumbing and electrical appliance ever since. This place has some GREAT deals on most of the best-known brands (I’m a big fan of most Toto products myself). If you need to make some upgrades to one of your rental units, check here first and see what kinds of deals you can find! ZimpleLogo-Lg

Blogs I Follow

BiggerPockets Blog: Few other blogs are organized and maintained as well as this one. If you’re looking for information on a number of different topics from a highly credible contributors, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

Mr. Money Mustache  I always appreciate a good blog that helps me to look at important issues from a new perspective. That’s exactly what this blog has helped me to do with the subject of money, frugality, retirement and much more. Check this guy out – I think you’ll find it pretty enlightening.

The Lighter Side of Real Estate:  I’ve always had a great appreciation for humor in life and real estate is no different. The problem is – there are very few real estate bloggers who know how to write with their humorous side AND pull it off well. These guys really seem to get it. The stuff on their blog and their Facebook page is freaking hilarious, like, laugh-out-loud funny – the kind of content I totally admire.

Placester  These guys have a lot of helpful content to offer on the subject of online marketing for real estate professionals. If this is an area you’re even remotely interested in (and let’s be honest, you probably should be), you should check them out pronto. It’s worth your time, trust me.

Inman Next This site is technically geared towards real estate agents, but as I’ve found through my various guest posts for the site, these guys pump out a TON of regular content – much of which overlaps with the real estate investing realm. The topics on this blog touch on things like selling, marketing, websites, industry updates and much more. If you aren’t familiar with Inman News or Inman Next – this is another one of those websites to bookmark.

Landlordology:  This website is a goldmine of information, software and other amazing content for a major sector of real estate investing (one of which I’m quite involved with). If you own rental properties, if you’re thinking about buying rental properties, or if you’re managing rental properties for someone else – this website is a fantastic resource that you need to look into.

123Flip: Flipping houses is definitely not my area of expertise – but I’m still fascinated by the process. Since I’m not qualified to teach you about this subject, I’m more than happy to redirect you to the blog of J Scott – which is a fantastic resource. This guy is the real deal and he dishes out a ton of great information on the subject. I’m always impressed when I see legitimate rehabbers delivering helpful content.

Flipping Junkie: This is another great blog centered around the subject of house flipping. Danny Johnson brings a ton a value to the table through his site and I’ve always enjoyed seeing what he’s up to here. Danny also runs, where he helps people sell their house fast in San Antonio, TX.  He and his wife have been buying houses in San Antonio for over 13 years.

LouisvilleGalsRealEstateBlog: Sharon Vornholt is a real estate investor and blogger with some great perspectives to share based on her years of hands-on experience with home inspections, rehabbing, wholesaling and more. Check out her blog and you’ll find dozens of informative posts on these subjects.

StrugglingInvestor: Scott Costello has a really cool concept with this blog. I’ve enjoyed reading his honest and down-to-earth insights on how he has approached real estate investing. There is an incredible amount of value to be gleaned from observing this guy’s journey and learning from his experiences.

Land Rush Now BlogIf you’re an aspiring land investor looking for another great source of information, my friend Renee has had a great deal of experience and success in the land business (using pretty much the exact same strategy I do). If you need more insights on how to pursue your own land flipping business, check her out sometime! This is probably the best community of like-minded entrepreneurs I know about (not real estate specific). If you’re running your own blog or online business, you owe it to yourself to check this out. Seriously – it’s amazing.


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