Become Our Rehab Partner

As your Rehab Partner we value your hard work in finding good deals that you get under contract and want to reward you by helping you Net MORE Money on your Deals.

  • We only Partner on properties that we can buy below 70% ARV (after repair value).
  • We have noticed over the years that the typical wholesale fee is approximately 10% to 15% of what a rehabber can make.
  • This is why we are willing to pay Our Wholesale Partners 25% of the net profit after we buy, rehab and resell the property.
  • This gives Our Wholesale Partners the ability to make 2 to 3 times more money on the average wholesale deal without any liability, cash, credit, managing contractors or selling property.
  • We have an open book policy and are very transparent with our partners.
  • We are also willing to help mentor new rehabbers, and teach them how to rehab properly.  You will get our systems & software for rehabbing homes if you chose to be our Partner.

If your deal doesn’t meet our criteria, but it’s still below 85% ARV, then we will help you co-wholesale your deal to our buyers list and split the wholesale fee if we can get you the Highest price and Best terms for your Deal.

As your Partner, Our #1 goal is to help You net the most amount of money on your Deals, so that we are your #1 Rehab Partner on your Best Deals.


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