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Angel Investors, LLC is committed to helping private and hard money lenders find and qualify real estate investment opportunities to buy or loan money on that meet Your criteria.

We will then either rehab the properties ourselves, or we will wholesale the deal to you or another rehabber.

You will get an email when one of our deals comes available, and if you’re interested then you can respond with your best terms and conditions that you will charge to loan money for this opportunity.

You will also be able to view pictures, a video of property, accurate ballpark of rehab numbers, buy costs, hold costs & selling costs to save you time in determining if it’s really a good deal or not.  Our goal is to be known as the most credible real estate investor website on the Web.

You will always have a first lien position with clear title and title policy to ensure you are protected.

We offer you:

  • Over 20 years experience buying, selling and evaluating real estate investment opportunities.
  • Provide you with the most accurate MLS market comps to determine every properties conservative highest & lowest ARV (after rehab value).
  • Quality contractors that help us get hard numbers and stay on budget.
  • Provide excel spreadsheet that will show you Best, Worst and Most Likely net profit with detailed estimates for our buying, holding, rehab and selling costs.
  • Our in-house Real Estate Brokerage (over $100,000,000 in sales) will help us buy & sell properties to minimize fees.
  • Access to Our Hottest Off Market Deals to buy or loan money on.

To get VIP Access to our Best Deals, and become one of our
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What’s the highest ARV (after rehab value) minus repairs that you would loan money on or pay for a property if it was in Your Ideal location?

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