We Offer You 5 Options:

Option 1. Become our Wholesale Partner
We will pay you a quick wholesale fee on any properties at or below 70% to 75% after rehab value that meets our criteria.

Option 2. Become Our Rehab Partner        
 We will pay you 25% of our net profit without needing any cash, credit or having to manage the rehab, so you can net more money than wholesaling us your deal.

Option 3. Become Our Realtor Partner    
 We will let any Realtor double end your commission  on any of your listings, plus we will pay you a $1,000 bonus.

Option 4. Become Our Bird Dog Partner

We will pay you a $1,000 Bird Dog Acquisition Consultant fee if we close on the property.

Option 5. Become Our Angel Investor Partner    
We will help you make a Great Return on Your MONEY!


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